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The Journal of Current Veterinary Research [JCVR] is a peer-reviewed open access journal publishing basic and applied research articles in the field of veterinary medicine by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Sadat City, Egypt. The journal also publishes invited reviews relevant to current veterinary medicine topics. The journal covers various sub-specializations, including: anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, toxicology, pathology, immunology, microbiology, virology, parasitology, internal medicine, surgery, clinical pathology, theriogenology, avian disease, fish disease, food safety & public health, animal health and animal production, management & Behaviour.

Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, October 2023, Pages 1-275 

Prevalence and Molecular Characterization of Salmonella spp. in Poultry Meat and Its Products

Pages 1-9

Zakaria Hassan Elbayoumi; Gehad A. Ibrahim; Mahmoud Ge. Zayda; Reyad R. Shawish

Iron Overload-Induced Hepatotoxicity: An Overview

Pages 60-78

Nahed Saleh; Tamer Allam; Hadell Hawary; Nermeen Borai El Borai

Procalcitonin As a Metric Septic Inflammatory Biomarker in Young Calves

Pages 121-132

Tamer Mohamed El-Feky; Ahmed Hegazy Ramadan; Saber El-Hanbally

Identification, Serological and Molecular Identification of Coliform Bacteria Recovered from Bovine Mastitis

Pages 133-142

Walid S. Mousa; Khaled Sabbah; Mohamed A. Nayel; Ahmed M. Elsify; Yumna Elsobky; Asmaa Abdel Sadek Elgendy; Moustafa Sakr; Akram A Salama

Characterization of Newcastle Disease Virus Circulating in Vaccinated Poultry Farms in Egypt During 2020

Pages 158-170

Asmaa Ibrahim Abdelaziz Zain Eldeen; Abdelgayed M. Younes; Khalid Mohammad Elbayoumi; Abdel Hamid Ismael Mussa; Mohammad Mahmoud Effat; Mohammad Abdel Hamid AboElkhair

An Overview On: Bacterial Fish Zoonoses

Pages 196-215

Asmaa Ibrahim Abdelaziz Zin Eldin; Marwa B. Salman; Doha A. Salah Eldin; Nourhan Eissa

Management of Elbow Luxation in Dogs and Cats: An Overview

Pages 233-244

Shaaban Gadallah; Mohamed El-Sunsafty; Ahmed Sharshar; Tarik Misk; Martin Kramer

Molecular Detection of The Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale From Turkeys Flocks in Alexandria Governorate During 2020 – 2021

Pages 267-275

Disouky Mohamed Mourad; Amani Abd El-Naby Hafez; Mohamed Talat Ragab; Heba ElSebaie Farag; Hanan Saad El-Samahy

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